7 Mobile Apps You Should Install To Travel India

By Sunaina

Indian Travel Mobile Apps

Going to India?

Install these mobile apps to help get around AND save some money.

This post you will give you a list of apps for transportation, places to stay & how to pay in India.

Let's dive in:

First, get an Indian SIM card or Android phone when you arrive. Here is how you do that: How to get a SIM card in India

1. Offline Maps: Maps.me & Google Maps (bonus: Triposo)

You may not always have a data signal in India. To get around you will want an app that always you to navigate without a data signal.

Maps.me: Fast detailed offline maps. Covers every country and is our favorite.

Google Maps has some limited offline maps you can download before you leave your hotel or hostel.

Either app is a good option. Know where you are going and make sure you have an offline map before travelling.

Bonus: Triposo is a smart travel guide AND also has offline maps. Android / iOS

2. Hotels & Rooms: OYO (bonus: Airbnb)

OYO is India's hottest hotel and room booking startup.

Their standards make sure every room you can book has:

  • Air conditioning
  • WIFI
  • Clean Linens
  • Clean Washrooms

Making sure you always had these amenities was not always easy. That is why OYO was born.

Bonus: Airbnb is starting to get popular in India. Check out their listings too. Android / iOS

3. Bus Tickets: Redbus

Redbus is the goto Bus ticketing app. In the old days you used to always have to go to a local vendor to get tickets.

Redbus consolidates ticket buying for thousands of bus carriers.

4. Train Tickets: Indian Railway PNR & IRCTC Info

This app has great reviews and some great features for you train booking in India:

  • Express ticket booking
  • Live Train Status
  • Ticket Cost Estimates
  • Train Schedules
  • Order food on the train

This app has even higher reviews than the official IRCTC app.

5. Plane Tickets: MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is India's most popular flight booking app. If you are looking to fly between cities you will want this app.

You can also book hotels through the app if you like too.

6. Payments & Recharge: Paytm (bonus: Freecharge)

In India, you buy minutes for calls and data in blocks called "recharging".

Paytm is India's leading recharge app but it also doubles as a Virtual Wallet.

You can load your Paytm wallet with money and use it to pay for buses, trains, movies and more.

Bonus: Freecharge is another recharge app with great deals when you use it to recharge. Android / iOS

7. Taxi Cabs: OLA (Bonus: Uber)

Ola is the leader in booking Taxi Cabs in India. If you have used Uber in your home country Ola will be similar. This app is great for getting around the city.

Plus, you will not have to negotiate your taxi fare with OLA.

Bonus: Uber is available in India. Having both may help you get a taxi if one app has none available. Android / iOS

Think we missed an app you like to use? Tell us in the comments below.