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17 Reasons for Founders to choose React Native

By Max (Technical Founder)
React Native Equation

When you have a startup one of the first things you hear is:

"You need a mobile app."

Well, duh.

But then you think, "How do I get an iOS & Android app?" Outsourcing? Hire two devs? One...

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24 Money-Saving Tips from Indian Mommy Bloggers

By Sunaina
Mommy Money-Saving Tips

Moms always know the best way to save when it comes to shopping and around the house.

That's why we asked a bunch of the top Mommy Bloggers in India to give us their best tips to help you save.


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How to Coupon in 2017: The Beginners Guide

By Sunaina
How to Coupon

with the best Apps, Websites and Other Places to get Savings

Hold up! You pay full price for things?


You could be saving hundreds to thousands a year. Use this guide and learn how to use...

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50 Disrupting Fintech Facts About Mobile Wallets & Payments [Fintech Infographic]

By Sunaina

Mobile Wallets are the future.

This is especially true in developing countries where smartphones are becoming the first access to the internet.

See why Mobile Wallets & Payments are taking over...

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India: 45 Facts Why It's The Next Ecommerce Giant (Infographic)

By Sunaina

If you do Ecommerce you do NOT want to miss the India train.

India is starting to heat up Ecommerce. So much so Amazon has dumped $5 billion into battling Flipkart. India is the next great online...

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1st Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Help You Save in India

By Sunaina

Coupy the Coupon Bot

Today we are launching the first Messenger bot to help you save money in India.

Our bot is named "Coupy" and is easy to talk to. All you have to do is say "Hi" to CouponHippo on Facebook Messenger...

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Amazon vs. Flipkart: 5 facts To See Who's Winning

By Sunaina
Amazon India vs. Flipkart

Let's talk about India's favorite tech battle of the moment.

Amazon vs. Flipkart

Every Indian in tech has an opinion but not a lot of numbers to back it up.

Let's fix that.

We have info for App...

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57 Indian Recipe Bloggers Reveal Their 3 Best Beginner Cooking Tips

By Sunaina
Beginner indian cooking tips

Indian food is delicious, but the recipes look really hard.

You need help:

So we decided to round as many Indian cooking experts as we could and ask them one question:

"What are 3 beginner tips...

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35 Travel Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Goa, India

By Sunaina

Goa India Travel Guide

Do you want to go to the most beautiful place in India?

Well then let us help you have the best time you can have in Goa!

This Ultimate Guide is for people planning a trip to Goa. Learn about the...

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How to Rock an Indian a Guest

By Sunaina

Indian Wedding Guide Picture

The Ultimate Indian Wedding Guide

Are you so lucky to be going to a big fat Indian Wedding?

Then look no further. This guide will explain everything there is to know about rocking one as a guest....

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