1st Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Help You Save in India

By Sunaina

Coupy the Coupon Bot

Today we are launching the first Messenger bot to help you save money in India.

Our bot is named "Coupy" and is easy to talk to. All you have to do is say "Hi" to CouponHippo on Facebook Messenger or just click this link: Message Coupy and say "Hi".

Find out everything Coupy can do with our Coupy the Coupon Chatbot page.

Now you can stay in messenger and find coupons without having to stop talking to your friends. Find movie ticket deals from Paytm or pizza codes for Dominos and impress your friends on your night out or in.

Paytm example:

coupon bot example

If you are just starting to use Coupons, try readin our handy Beginners Guide to Couponing