7 Reasons Why Domino's Is Winning in India

By Sunaina

When it comes to quick serve restaurants in India, Domino's Pizza is King. Domino's outnumbers McDonald's stores 2 to 1. It's more popular than KFC and Pizza Hut.

Here is a simple infographic why India loves their pizza:

dominos india infographic

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Domino's is dominating the Indian market place with 70% of the pizza market. They account for 16% of entire QSR (quick serve restaurant) marketplace as well.

They are winning.

It's not hard to see why Domino's is dominating in India. Here are 7 key points why:

1. Agressive Expansion to 1,000+ Stores

Domino's has been expanding their store count in India for 10 years. With 1,000+ stores they have passed the United Kingdom to become Domino's 2nd biggest market. The U.S. is the biggest with 5,000+ stores.

They are growing so fast 1 out of every 7 stores Domino's builds is in India.

Jubilant Foods, who owns the rights to Domino's in India, is planning to build 150 stores every year till 2020.

2. Localized Recipes for the Indian Palette

India has many styles of foods and spices throughout the country. Domino's has customized their menu to every walk of life in India.

They have especially catered to the vegetarians who make up 56% of India. To compare, the United States only has 3.2% of the population listed as vegetarian.

3 out of 4 of the most popular pizza's in India are vegetarian.

3. Good Pizza With a Low Price

Domino's India focuses on the high quality of their pizza but also have the lowest priced Domino's on the planet.

This pricing is helping them be the goto pizza delivery in the country. Pizza in India is almost a full $4 USD cheaper than the other popular Domino's markets.

4. They are the Fan Favorite on Social Media

According to a study done by DigitalInsights, Domino's has 5 times the engagement compared other Pizza QSR brands.

Domino's is posting more, getting more comments, replying more and doing other engagement strategies. You can tell they have a social strategy and are executing it to their advantage.

5. Pizza + India = Existing Culture

In hindsight, you wonder how India didn't invent Pizza themselves.

Indians already eat with their hands and love communal meals they can share. It can have meat or be vegetarian.

Pizza almost looks engineered for India when you keep these aspects of the culture in mind.

Pizza is just natural for Indians.

6. 30 Minutes or Free

Fast is a big deal in India.

If you can do something fast it is a big competitive advantage.

Domino's has a 30 minutes or it's Free delivery guarantee. They have seen a lot of press for being able to do this. They will even sometimes turn down business if delivery times too long.

7. Focus on Mobile Ordering

Dominos Pizza focuses on innovation with a mobile first mindset in India. Most Indians will ONLY ever access the internet with their mobile phone.

India is a mobile first society.

India is such a mobile first society the numbers are a little crazy to look at:

By 2021, India will gave 810,000,000 smartphone subscribers. That is 2.5x the total U.S. population

That's a lot of pizza's!

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