13 Indian Clothes Westerners Wish They Had

By Sunaina

13 Indian Clothese You Wish For

"Westerners love Indian Clothes." There, I said it.

However, most people outside India don't get to wear them. Many don't ever go to an indian wedding. They don't know how to incorporate our style into their everyday.

Whatever the reason, they are jealous ;)

In this post you will see the top 13 pieces westerners wish they could wear to special events or on a daily basis.

1. Saree (or Sari)

fashionable indian sarees

What is a Saree?

Sarees can come in many different styles but the most basic is a long piece of colorful cloth that wraps around the body and over the shoulder.

There are different ways to wear them depending on what region you are visiting.

When should you wear a Saree?

Sarees are worn on a daily basis but there are also different Sarees for events like parties, weddings, funerals, etc...

Where can I buy a Saree?

The best places to buy Sarees if you are in India is either Myntra or Jabong. If you are outside India check Amazon or another major online clothing retailer.

2. Dhoti

fashionable indian dhoti pants

What is a Dhoti?

Dhoti is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth notted and wrapped around the waist and through the legs.

When should you wear Dhoti?

You can wear it with a Kurta or Kurti. Traditionally, people have also worn them to religious ceremonies.

3. Lahengas

fashionable lahenga skirts

What is a Lahenga?

Lahengs are long embroidered skirts that secure at the waist.

When should I wear a Lahenga?

You can wear Lahengas for many occasions when you mix it with other garments.

4. Nehru Jackets

fashionable nehru jackets

What is a Nehru Jacket?

The Nehru Jacket is a hip length jacket with Madarin collar. Some styles come in a vest form with no sleeves.

When should I wear a Nehru Jacket?

Many Indian heads of state use this as their goto garb but you can wear it to formal events too.

5. Kurta & Kurti

fashionable indian kurta

fashionable indian kurti

What is a Kurta / Kurti?

Kurtas are shirts that are loose, fall around the knees and worn with pants. The name Kurta translates to "collarless shirt". Kurtis are the shorter, female version of the Kurta.

Kurtis are stylish shirts whose length fall between the waist and mid-thigh. They are the shorter version of the Kurta and worn by Women in India. Nowadays, they are often warn with jeans and other trouser options.

Different areas of India has varying styles of embroidery, buttons, patterns and paneling. Varying lengths also pay to the style of the wearer.

When should you wear a Kurta or Kurti?

Kurtas can be warn as everyday wear or for formal dress. Kurtis are usually for just everyday wear with jeans or some other trousers.

6. Shalwar Kameez

fashionable salwar suits

What is a Shalwar Kameez?

It's actually one complete outfit. Shalwar are loose trousers that tape to a tight fit around the ankles. The Kameez is the body shirt. Worn by Men and Women but differ in style.

When should I wear a Shalwar Kameez?

You can wear them to many occasions and even in your daily life.

7. Stole

fashionable indian stole scarf

What is a Stole?

A stole is an Indian scarf worn loosely over the shoulders.

When should I wear a Stole?

You can wear it as an accent piece to your everyday garb.

8. Churidars

fashionable churidars

What are Churidars?

Churidars are just like Salwar except they taper more quickly to reveal the contours of the leg.

When should I wear Churidars?

You can wear them daily as well.

9. Sherwani

fashionable sherwani

What is a Sherwani?

Sherwanis are long coats that go to the knees and button up the front to the neck.

When should I wear a Sherwani?

Wear it for more formal occasions like weddings.

10. Lungi

fashionable lungi

What is a Lungi?

Lungi, more popularly known as a Sarong, is a rectangular garment worn around the waist in India. It is popular in places where it is too hot for pants.

When to wear a Lungi?

Usually warn for daily life where there is high heat or humidity. Can also be used in some elaborate wedding ceremonies.

11. Achkan

indian achkan jacket

What is an Achkan?

An Achkan is a traditional knee length Jacket worn by men in India. Styles and length vary from region to region in India.

When should you wear an Achkan?

Achkan are mostly warn by grooms for their wedding and for other special occasions.

12. Dupatta

fashionable indian dupatta

What is a Dupatta?

A Dupatta is a long multi-purpose scarf or head covering.

It is usually longer than a stole.

When should I wear a Dupatta?

You can wear it with a salwar and anytime you need a head covering like entering a church or mosque.

13. Indian Jewelry

indian wedding jewelry

fashionable wedding jewellry

Usually the Indian Jewelry you see is mainly for weddings and other special occasions. You can wear bangles and some other accent pieces whenever you like.

When should you wear Indian Jewelry?

Wear the big pieces In a more formal setting. You can wear bracelets, rings and smaller pieces to various dinners or out and about.

Did we miss something you love?

If you have a piece of Indianwear you wish you had let us know in the comments!